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Justin began to self learn front end web development in the 10th grade, quickly mastering HTML5 and CSS3, he then went on to take his first computer science class. Now, Justin is pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in both Finance and Mathematics at Elon University. Justin views Assassin as a gate way to bettering his programming skills and moving to even bigger projects. To learn more about Justin, check out his website.

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Ben is an avid developer who spends countless hours programming, often instead of doing homework. He is currently attending Bucknell University as a Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics double major. He began working on The Assassin Game in October 2014. Ben's programming career began in 8th grade when he programmed the quadratic formula into his calculator. Since then he has not stopped. To learn more about Ben, check out his website.

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Daniel has launched and has been a part of several businesses and endeavors since the age of 14. He prides himself on his ability to explore ideas for both monetization and creative advertising campaigns. Daniel is an aspiring Finance and Accounting double major at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and will manage the accounts and organize financial information for theassassingame.com. To learn more about Daniel, check out his LinkedIn.

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What is Assassin?

Assassin is a very simple game. Every player is assigned another player (their target) at the beginning of a round. Your mission is to 'assassinate' your target. After you eliminate your first target, you get assigned your target's target. Assassinations are only valid under certain circumstances - defined by your game admin. The game continues until there is only one player standing.

What is this website?

This website is a way for anyone in the world to create a game, and invite people to play with them. All you have to do is fill out a request to create a new game, and once it is approved you will be given a 'gamecode' that anyone who wants to join must enter. The website does all of the work for you. It will assign every player a target and you can eliminate your target through the website. Other features include a killfeed which keeps track of all assassinations, a leaderboard, and a rules page.